Different Critical Areas Of The Home That Are Inspected By The Home Inspectors

Author : Daniel Mault


Do you want to find potential defects in a home, you are planning to buy, and then hire House Inspections Melbourne services? These people come to your place to thoroughly inspect every nook and corner of the home to find out the serious damages before you cut a deal with the sellers.

So, when you find the damages, you can go for negotiation with the seller and reduce the price of the home. If you are getting your home inspected, then you can avoid paying high for the repairs after closing the deal in the future. To get high value for the money you invested in a home, you need to get the home inspected extensively.

However, here are a few critical areas that are inspected by the expert House Inspections Melbourne

  • Building Foundation:

When you are buying a home that is built a few years ago, the foundation of the home has to be checked for any cracks. Generally, buying a home that is in bad condition would put the life of the family at stake. If there are any evident cracks noticed in the foundation area, then a thorough inspection is carried out in order to check the structural integrity.

  • Check the roofing:

The roofs are checked thoroughly to find out the leaky and cracked roofs. If there are no leaks on the roofs, the home inspector will determine the possible leaky areas in the future. It is crucial for you to check whether or not there are any unwanted trees attached to your home. Generally, wet leaves falling from the trees onto the roof could weaken the roof area and could eventually result in leaks.

  • Check the drainage system:

This is the crucial area to be inspected. The perfect drainage system would stop flood water from entering into your home during heavy floods. Also, they avoid water clogging in the basement area of the home. It is important for the gutters and drainage system to be constructed in the right place of the home to avoid water clogging. However, this is inspected by the inspectors and gives valuable suggestions on how to correct them.

  • Check the doors and windows:

Undeniably, when homeowners inspect the home they just look for the broken window glasses. However, when the professional House Inspections Melbourne inspects, they check whether or not they are able to close and open the windows and doors easily and check for corrosion to avert the new homeowners from paying a whopping amount to fix the issue in the future.

  • Check the gutters and exterior paint:

You need to check the painting to detect any discoloration or peeling off. Also, it is crucial for you to check the exterior fixtures thoroughly to determine the condition of a home.

  • Check the deck area:

If the exterior of home is equipped with decks, then you need to check them thoroughly to detect the pest damages.

  • Check the plumbing system:

The inspector will check the plumbing accessories, especially the faucets, pipes, bathtub, showerheads, and fixtures thoroughly to detect water damages.


If you want to disclose the hidden problems in the home you are planning to buy, you need to hire an expert House Inspections Melbourne services. These people come to your place and give a detailed report on the defective areas of the home.

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