Different Techniques Of Carpet Cleaning

Author : Daniel Mault


Almost each and every house has carpets as a basic necessary as they help in making the floor as well as the house warm through all the seasons. They are susceptible to dirt and dust. Some of the stains become too stubborn to be cleaned and it may take a lot of time before the stains may come off from the special mats. Even though, there ‘re different kind of techniques for carpet cleaning, special detergents as well as cleaning materials are needed for making the whole exercise of cleaning worthwhile. In case you’ve been dealing with the stains on the rugs and if you are still left wondering how they can be cleaned again, then it’s time for you to take professional help in Epping.


Rugs absorbent technique- it is a technique or a method which is used while cleaning the organic dirt as well as other materials which easily dissolve in the water. The method includes spraying water with the help of solvents on stained area giving the rugs or the mats sometime to soak as well as dissolve the stains, and then vacuuming the whole area

Additionally, the time for drying for rugs cleaning with the help of this method is minimal too.

Bonnet technique

It’s a cleaning method which is used for removing stubborn stains on the particular parts of the rugs. It’s a dry-cleaning process where the rotating brush is employed for scrubbing off the stains as well as dirt from the particular areas of the rugs.

Just a small quantity of water may be used for this cleaning process. It’s efficient for cleaning the spots on the rugs which have stubborn and deep stains. Very special bio-degradable detergents are recommended while using this method.


Shampooing is a method of cleaning where the shampoo solution is mainly used for cleaning the rugs. Most of the carpet cleaning Epping professionals employs 2 techniques while cleaning the rugs with shampoo. There is a wet shampoo method of cleaning where the rugs materials are soaked in the solution, and then vacuumed dry for removing the dirt particles.

Another technique of shampooing is using aerosol foaming shampoo available in Epping. With the help of this technique, the shampoo is sprayed on dirty rugs, after which the mix is left to dry. Vacuuming completes the whole method of cleaning.

These are some of the techniques of carpet cleaning which are used by the professionals of Epping for cleaning the rugs. They leave the rugs absolutely clean and looking new.

If you love your rugs and want to keep them new forever then you should resort to the professional help every once in a while.


There are a number of techniques of carpet cleaning which are offered by the professionals of Epping. They help in cleaning the rugs thoroughly. They give a new life to the rugs. The professionals have the right tools and equipment’s for cleaning the rugs and thus you should contact them only for this purpose.

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