Different Types Of Mosaic Tiles Available

Author : Daniel Mault


The mosaic tiles are usually defined as the tiles which are 2” or even less than that size. Even though the most traditional and conventional ones in Adelaide are square shaped, the patterns of today come in a wide range of colours, shapes as well as textures.

Most of them are mounted on the back of an adhesive or a mesh, however the individual ones may be ordered usually for some special projects. As the designs as well as patterns are arranged and made ready for installation for the floors, the walls of interiors and a number of other applications and purposes, the biggest challenge is to choose the style which works well for you.

Different styles of mosaic tiles

The square ones are the most popular style. They are available in different sizes. The colour may be varied or uniform. The variation in colours often depends on the natural materials used. Limestone, marble, onyx, travertine, granite and slate are the most popular types which are used in these types of tiles. Along with the square ones, the patterns are often hexagons, rectangles, octagons and circles.

They may have pinwheel, basket weaves or brick walls appearance. The mixed materials mosaic tiles Adelaide blend stone, glass as well as metal together for creating variations in texture, colour, surface appearance, etc. Some of the mixed mosaics offer a modern multi-level surface too.

The hand crafted and hand cut options offer another option. The katami stone tile is hand-cut stalks in random fashion, matched and then lined up. The master work collections feature the intricately cut designs as well as patterns reminiscent of the classic patterns which are found in the historic sites throughout the world. All these high end styles are quite popular in a lot of commercial as well as residential buildings.

Each and every style of the mosaic tiles is easily available with various surface treatments. On the basis of the materials which are used, they may be polished, tumbled or honed. These different types of finishing techniques may create an elegant, shining or a natural texture surface in Adelaide.

After choosing the right surface treatment as well as style for the project, you may have a look at the borders for creating a finished look. The borders may be added to the edges of the tops, bottoms of the walls and the counters. They may also be added to the back or top of the splashes, along with the stair risers or added to the designs of the floors.

You may take your own time and search the design magazines as well as books for getting more ideas while decorating the tiles. The design combinations as well as options are quite extensive.


There are numbers of options available in terms of mosaic tiles. You will find a wide variety of them in Adelaide. You may choose the style and design from the various options available the one which suits your requirements the best.

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