Do’s And Don’ts Of Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

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Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is till the favourite choice of each and every homeowner and its maintenance of it takes minimum efforts. Unlike the engineered or laminated wood, hard wood may be refinished many a times and would add years of warmth and beauty to the home. It also helps in increasing its speed and values its resale. The ongoing flooring care is required to keep the Bamboo look its best.

However, there are 4 main aspects of this type of flooring:

  1. Bamboo flooring cleaning
  2. Bamboo flooring repair
  3. Bamboo flooring refinishing
  4. Bamboo flooring protection

Cleaning the Bamboo regularly

Knowing about the ways of cleaning the Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is very important as the bane of the Bamboo is grit and dirt that would scratch and also mark the flooring if not promptly removed. As well, the dust might be easily seen on the wooden flooring than it’s on the carpet, especially in sunlight and if flooring has dark stains.

Care for the Bamboo flooring, means dusting and sweeping regularly once in a week at least and after an event which leaves grit and dirt behind. Regular household cleaning and dusting products would cause damage, however and you may use the products designed specifically for Bamboo.

Vacuuming is desirable to weeping as it lets the dirt as well as dust to be extracted from the boards, but usage of vacuum with bare flooring attachment not beater bar that might damage wood.

In case your flooring has glossy finish, it signifies that polyurethane or the water based urethane or some similar finish is used for forming a protective barrier on the

Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

In case it’s got matte finish, it signifies that flooring is well protected with penetrating seal of wax or oil. On neither of the finish is water an appropriate cleaning agent, but both of these may accept a damp mop cleaning or surface which signifies that the mop isn’t wet but just damp to touch.

You’re just cleaning the surface but not using sufficient water to mainly penetrate the waxed or oiled Bamboo. While using damp mop on waxed and oil Bamboo, you may add little neutral pH Bamboo flooring cleaner to water before dipping mop in it. Flooring with protective glossy barriers may accept generic Bamboo Flooring Melbourne offering it does not contain any oil or wax.

The don’t are as important as do’s for the Bamboo flooring care

  1. Do not use regular cleaners, ammonia, household cleaners or dust products on the Bamboo
  2. Never use oil or wax on the flooring with urethane or a glossy finish
  3. Never wash the Bamboo just use a slightly damp cloth or mop

Repair the damages to the floor as soon as possible

In most of the cases, when the oil and waxed on the Bamboo floor have suffered damage, you should remove finish with oil or wax stripper before dealing with damage. After finishing the repairs, you re-wax the whole area. Surface damage may occur less often on the Bamboo protected by the polyurethane or similar sealer and when it happens, the damage isn’t so obvious.


While repairing the Laminate Flooring Melbourne with these kinds of finishes strips the finishes from the whole board or the boards when damage occurred. Just make the repairs and apply finishing products to the boards which are consistent with rest of the flooring.

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