Dust Free Floor Sanding: Better Alternative To Traditional Method

Dust Free Floor Sanding: Better Alternative To Traditional Method

When it comes to flooring the best type of flooring that everyone agrees, is the wooden flooring. The most import reason of this apart from its beauty and versatility is it can be restored to its beautiful shine just floor sanding in Melbourne every time it sustains unsightly scratches, stains that are hard to remove, indents, worn-out areas and discolorations. This technique makes the old wood shine like a new flooring yet again.

The problem associated with sanding

The problem that was associated with sanding is that of dust. When the sandpaper is rotated with high speed it produces the dust by rubbing the surface of the wooden floor. This dust is the source of nuisance as it creates a film of dust on all the surfaces in the house making it very hard to clean. However efficient and experienced the floor sanding personnel in Melbourne is, this problem is inevitable.

The dust free machines

Well, for the relief of the people who own wooden floors proudly but used to curse their decision whenever they got the sanding f the floor done there is this top of the range machine for floor sanding that is dust free. The machine uses the same technique of using sandpaper and rotation of the sand paper to rub off the top surface of the wooden floor but the machine also employs a filtration system.

This advanced system of filtering the dust as it is produced leaves hardly any dust on the floor or in the environment. This one modification in the machine has made the lives of the owner of wooden flooring easy and lively.

The advantages of dust free machine in Melbourne

  • No allergies: many people have allergy to dust and particulate matter in the air. For such people dust from the process is a bad omen. But, the dust free sanding of the floor makes their lives easier as they do not have to live in a house that has dust all over.
  • Clear vision for the operator: since the dust so produced is sucked up by the machine the operator is able to figure out the surfaces that have been done and those need to be done. This gives a great finish without some are getting polished too much making a depression in that portion.
  • The life of the machine increases: the machines that do sanding used to be adversely affected by the dust that would penetrate the moving parts of the machinery and cause considerable wear and tear. However, the new filtration system sucks up the dust as it is created and thus creates no problem for the machine.

The new age floor sanding machine used in Melbourne has the capability of not damaging the floor, even when they are used against the grain.


The floor sanding is essential in Melbourne to keep the wooden floor looking fresh and shiny, but the new technique has made it all the more easy and hassle free to get the work done. The machine also has a longer life and the work is done faster than ever before.

This post is originally appeared on Dailyblogs.com.au, re-published with permission.