Find out which heating and cooling systems Melbourne should you get installed in your house

Find out which heating and cooling systems Melbourne should you get installed in your house

The Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne of your house are also called HVAC equipment. The acronym stands for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. HVAC equipment is mainly responsible for humidity, temperature and quality of indoor environment as well as comfort of the habitants.

There are different types of ventilating, heating and cooling equipment. The equipment which is used in some specific area has to with the climate. The coldness and length of winters and the hotness and length of summers are the deciding factors for determine what is required. The level of humidity also plays a very important role on the equipment which would be needed.

Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne

Heating system

Heating the house with the help of good quality heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne is a process to add heat to indoor environment which increases the temperature.

  1. Forced air- a common type of cooling and heating system used. The blower circulates the air throughout the heat exchanger for heating the house. The A/C systems may be added to the systems.
  2. Heating pumps- there are different types of pumps, but the most common one if air source heating pump. The Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne offer cooling and heating to the house.
  3. Hydronic- the water is heated by the boiler and is then circulated through the radiators which are located in the house.
  4. Radiant- the water is heated by the boiler and then circulated by the tubes located on the floors, ceilings and the walls for warming the surfaces that in turn heats up the space through radiation.
  5. Geothermal- the heating pump which employs the ground water for its heating source. It fulfils the heating/cooling needs of the house in one single system.
  6. Electric – Heat is supplied through electric or resistance heaters when electricity is passed through the device.

Cooling system

The cooling of the house which is also called air conditioning is basically keeping away of heat for cooling and dehumidifying the air indoor.

Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne

Different types of air conditions installed in the houses

  • Forced air- the most common type of mostly installed Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne is this one. The compressor circulated the refrigerant between the 2 coils, and then the blower blows across the indoor coils that help in removing the heat from the house. Then, it is circulated to exterior for dissipating the heat which is absorbed to the air outdoors. It employs the system of ducts for distributing the conditioned air across the home.
  • Ductless split system- the mini Heating and Cooling Systems Melbourne. Quite similar to traditional splitting system, however each of the room has air handler which is located for individual controls and thus there is absolutely no need of ductwork.
  • Ventilation- the whole purpose of ventilation in a house is to control the quality of indoor air and the levels of humidity.


Hot Water Repairs Melbourne and heating and cooling systems Melbourne companies offer their services during winters as well as summers. For both seasons, these services are quite useful.