How To Make Tasty Protein Shake Using Natural Protein Powder: Recipes To Try

Author : jordansmith


Maybe your diet does not provide all the calories and protein you need. What is the solution? Natural Protein powder, of course. Whey protein, egg protein, a protein of vegetable origin, etc.  But they are direct intake and you are not habituated with that. – There are several varieties and flavorsprovided by organic protein powder Australia providerhelp supplement your diet and keep your muscles growing without packing stubborn belly fat.

You might think that the protein powder is limited to mixing it with water or milk and closing twice a day on its own. Those are definitely popular and convenient ways to consume any type of protein powder; but, honestly, the options are only limited to your imagination. So if you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering what to mix protein powder with, we’ll open that imagination and show you all the excellent options.

What can you mix with the natural protein powder?

Here are some ideas on what to mix your protein powder, to get the benefit from it after all the hard work you put in the gym:

  • Water or Milk

One of the most convenient ways to include proteins in your diet, and therefore one of the most popular, is simply to mix it with milk or water in a shaker cup. Now, this method will depend to a large extent on the taste of your protein powder.Powdered whey protein is generally in the “simple” to “wow, that’s pretty good” area of the powdered protein. You can take this protein and mix it with milk and water, put it in your cereal, spice up your coffee or whatever else you can do with regular milk.Pro Tip: Add your liquid in your shaker bottle before your protein powder, this will make the mixture much easier and avoid the sticky mess in the bottom of the bottle.

  • Protein bars

When you go to pick up your supplements, what do you see at the shop? Protein bars. There are dozens of varieties of protein bars ready to use, but they all have one thing in common: They are expensive. Making your own protein bars is not only profitable, but you can also customize them according to the content of your heart.

  • Smoothies

One of the best things about shakes is that if you put something that does not have much flavour, or if it has a lot of flavours and you want to improve it with another one, it is something very easy to achieve. Adding different fruits and flavours to your smoothies (as well as sneaking in some vegetables for their nutritional content) can make it fun and interesting so you do not get bored of taking the same shake every day.

Extra Advice: Add a tablespoon or two of protein powder to your smoothies fora delicious increase in protein that your taste buds and muscles will appreciate equally. One recipe I could suggest, combine two scoops of the natural protein powder and 300 ml of milk or water, and then blend with the oats (approx. 25 grams of oats, add dry fruits and make the tasty smoothie, that can maintain your carbohydrate energy.

Buckled up the belt in one thought…

Either you are going in Gym or not, you can add all the benefits of the protein powder, just step forward, GO and PURCHASE the organic protein Powder Australia product, check these recipes, make best out of the best by adding your value, and get the benefits of all without any trouble.