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Closed circuit television is actually a camera based surveillance which is used for the purpose of security and for monitoring buildings, property, public areas and lands like council buildings and parks. A CCTV installation Melbourne is done basically with wired or wireless camera that transmits the recordings through signals for monitoring a place like an office or a house in Melbourne.

Different types of systems are available in the market which offer different type of features and may be used in various ways.

However, there’re certain cases when the professional surveillance installation is not possible. There’s often different technique of installing different types of cameras like outdoor and the indoor ones and systems which are specifically designed to be used outdoors.

CCTV installation Melbourne

Wireless installation of the cameras

In case your camera is wireless, you may just place individual cameras at the spots wherever needed and put them on. For ensuring that you’re view wireless recordings of the system, you would require a dedicated-connection through which cameras may be run. Sharing a particular connection with other internet devices is quite risky specifically when you require 24 hours surveillance which the wireless cameras offer.

DIY installation

In case you are not able to get hold of the professional CCTV installation Melbourne services in Melbourne, you can also do it yourself. However, you should be aware of type of the system which you are going to install. Different systems have a different process of installation.

Selecting right spot for installing the camera is quite crucial. You might not be able to get good quality images as well as recordings if the camera is placed properly. You will also have to secure the cameras at the spot with correct fittings and fixtures which need to be supplied with the camera systems. In case your system has wires, then you will have to make holes for feeding the wire through monitor.

Ensuring that your cameras are safe

Installing the cameras or the surveillance systems properly does not only involve placement of the cameras on the right spots, but it also needs some though on how would you keep your camera secure. You need a place for your camera which offers max surveillance which you need for ensuring that they are not placed in a too obvious spot.

Testing out your system even when your system is the basic one is very important in order to ensure that it’s installed properly and that it may be depended upon whenever required.

CCTV installation is not difficult at all and you will find a lot of companies which would help you do it in Melbourne. But there are certain important things which you need to keep in mind while installing them. These things will help you get the system at the right place.


CCTV installation is not difficult but there are certain crucial factors which need to be kept in mind. Once you have taken care of all these factors, you can be sure of your system and its installation. There are a lot of companies in Melbourne which offer the installation services.

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