Tips On How To Buy Second Hand Floor Scrubbers

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Well said proverb – Cleanliness Is next To Godliness! Many a number of business owners understand the importance of clean and tidy business space and hence they make all the efforts to keep their premise clean and sanitised. A clean and tidy place is said to be the vital to smooth production and for the overall health of your employees. However, for small scale business owners, floor cleaning is the critical business expense. Use of traditional cleaning tools- sweeping and mopping take lots of time and efforts, and if the place is large then it’s not possible to manage all the work. To take care of a vast area of floors, many of the companies make use of commercial sweepers and scrubbers to clean more area in less time. However, for the businesses that adhere to strict budget, employing second hand floor scrubbers often fit the bill.

second hand floor scrubbers

Second hand floor scrubbers that is in good working condition, not only costs less but is also better for the environment because machines that otherwise would have been discarded are being reused. For newly start companies or small budget companies, having a machine on your side is the perfect way for quick clean­up in the case of a spill, roof leak or broken pipe.  Reliable and candid cleaning equipment dealers like SASAS provide an assurance that every Second hand cleaning equipment you are getting is fully functional and runs as if it was brand new, giving you value for your money. They even offer rental and hire facilities as well. So if you are not in mood to buy or need it for short period of time you can go for hire or rentals services.

However, if you are planning to buy second hand floor scrubbers for your company then check the following things in mind –

  • Check how old is your floor scrubber –

Check that the used floor scrubber you buying is how old. In this way, you can determine the machine’s remaining useful service life. Preferably, purchase a machine that is no more than three years old. Also make sure to ask about the machine’s history such as – previous repair work and any parts that have been replaced.

  • Buy the floor scrubber as the surface you will clean.

Tell your cleaning equipment dealers about the floors you have in your company premise, as most of the floors scrubbers are designed to be used for specific cleaning surfaces.  So when buying a floor scrubber makes sure to specify your floor type. On the whole, if have wooden, laminate or tile floors, use Scrubbers with stiffer or else if you have concrete floors or the floors made up of porous materials, use cylindrical bristles.

Make sure you to choose the best one, so that you can get the perfect clean that your floors deserve.

  • Caring for a Cleaning Machine

Buying a second hand machine is not just enough; you also need to take care of your cleaning machine. As, with simple care and maintenance, your floor scrubber can last for several years. Make sure to clean your floor scrubber at the end of every shift.


Taking care of business is an expensive, but necessary task.  Using second hand floor scrubbers to perform floor maintenance is a great money- and time-saving decision. However, make sure to buy it from the trustworthy cleaning equipment dealers like SASAS, so as to get right worth for your investment,

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