What is the use of stretch wrap machine?

What is the use of stretch wrap machine?

Where wrap is the art to cover or surround products or items with paper, cloths or any other material which work as an act of protection all over the product or item. The packing style where Pallet shrink wrap is tight with heat, here an elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound with the highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped up around the item or product. Tools that are required to heat shrink pallets are heat guns, roll dispenser, gas cylinder trolley and repack extension. It is exactly used to secure goods for transportation, it may also have many other uses like as in horizontal spiral wrapping machines to bundle or to protect a lot number of the range of goods or products or items and freight items.

Where the technique is widely used for aluminium extrusions and timber moulding to moulding to wrap and bundle it together. It is suitable for sitting on any surface it is made from sustainably for the source of wood. Here wrapping machine also moves with referred to as pallet wrapping, with the same process of using stretchable plastic film to protect the product or items firmly that is the place for shipping on pallets. For getting correct stretch wrap machine to work with the operation is critical to guarantee proper load control of the product from getting any kind of damage.

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Different types of stretch wrapping machine:

  • Turntable stretch wrapper: Turntable stretch wrappers are available in automatic and semi-automatic formats.
  • Rotary arm stretch wrapper: Rotary arm stretch Wrap machine keep your load stationary while a mechanical arm rotates around the load.
  • Orbital horizontal ring stretch wrapper: Orbital horizontal ring stretch wrapper are for stretch wrapping long, wide loads. And it is utilized at the time of moving conveyor to move the loaded product through the stretch wrapping machine. Here a rotating ring circles the load applying a consistent wrap across the load process.
  • The advantage of stretch wrapper machine: It decreases you’re per pack film use through proper stretching and perfect application of the stretch film. This consistent use of film eliminates excess film application and drastically reduces stretch film wast.Stretch Wrap Machine

3 ways to apply stretch wrap:

  • Manual: Manual wrapping rely on hand workers to name implies, manual stretch wraps a load.
  • Semi-automatic machine: Semi-automatic machine comes with the couple of forms that is both turntables and straddles in general, where a load is placed.
  • High-speed automatic machine: the High-speed automatic machine is somewhat like semi-automatic that includes conveyors for infeed and discharged automatic cycle of the wrapping machine.


The ability to display the product that is edible and non-edible on the shelf with the help of pallet shrink wrapping is working very effective packaging method. It is depended on the size of the product or item which need to be wrapped through wrapping machine with powered stretch wrapping equipment that moves with the range of power for wrapping available on daily activity in companies.

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