Why 2019 Will Be The Year Of Architectural Photomontage Services?

Why 2019 Will Be The Year Of Architectural Photomontage Services?

Building construction or presenting design is actually not a “five-finger” job. It’s as challenging as cutting the rock; where any change in layout or materials will make the plan frustrating to complete. This is the reason, the industry wants the client to have an accurate vision of a building before starting the development process. visualizing architecture is a term that describes “watching” architectural design before they are developed.

In this evolving era, builders, architects, interior designers, real estate agents move toward 3d rendering services to sell their products and services. Through, architectural photomontage services, images look better than words at security sale to simplify the representation process. However, architectural rendering encompasses everything from basic sketches to more sophisticated 3d renderings and interactive virtual tours.

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Since, in my last article, I had deeply focused on business improvement via visualizing architecture. In this article, I’m all set to impress you with the photomontage skills.

First and foremost, what is 3D photomontage?

As per definition, 3D photo montage is the imposition of rendered 3D model layouts of the projected objects like a shopping mall, café, playground, restaurant, and hotel on a photo of existing specific place in a landscape, interior, or city. Although, the 3D model will show and help in evaluating the looks of the planned building on the background of the existing territory.

A high-quality photo montage is both; popular and appealing in assisting with marketing and for visual impact assessments. Actually, the overlay of the 3D model with photographs simply delivers an accurate and detailed representation of how the proposed development will fit in its surroundings. As a designer, I will suggest a few factors to consider while planning a photomontage to make the process go smooth!

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1. Plan VS marketing of photomontage

It plays a vital role in the planning process. They can also be the deciding factor while receiving the permission of planning. Whenever you use it for planning purpose, don’t forget that the images should present the scheme blended with the context. And on another hand, when you used for marketing purpose then the images should have an optimistic feel. As an example, vehicles should be considered to make the context suitable for marketing purpose.

2. Elevated photomontage

The actual use of elevated photomontage is, it can convey how the scheme operates as a whole as well as its relationship to the context. Because photographs taken at different angles can assist in developing the perfect elevated photomontage.

3. Before & after views

Through these, the audience with before images help them recognize the location and after images provide a visual of the proposed changes.

4. You can add trees & people

Addition of both to a photomontage can offer a sense of scale and it helps to enhance the desirable features.

In a Nutshell,

There is no doubt, 3d rendering services will take the industries, not only design industry but there will be a drastic change in the world market in near future. This is the reason, awareness of visualizing architecture become more & more important to walk hand-in-hand with the trendy market. Be smart & make a smart move!

Source: Designer’s Word Of Mouth On visualizing architecture & Photo Montage Services