5 Myths Around Office Lockers

5 Myths Around Office Lockers

Office lockers have come a long way since the days of World War II. Back then, they were used to store soldiers’ personal belongings while they were away on combat missions. Today, office lockers are still used for keeping items safe and secure while you’re at work or school. However, some myths persist about office locker rentals that might make you question whether it’s worth it to invest in them:

Myth 1: Occupy More space

Fact: Lockers are designed to be compact.

One of the most common myths about lockers is that they’re large and take up a lot of space. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The modern locker is designed to be compact, stackable, portable and modular.

In fact, you might even have an office locker in your home right now! If you have a pantry or closet installed with built-in shelves for storage then those shelves were probably made out of metal mesh panels connected together on one side with hinges so that they fold down when not in use (which saves space). And just like these types of cabinets can help you clear up clutter in your home office or apartment kitchenette—they can also help maximize storage capacity at work if used correctly.

Myth 2: Locking and unlocking is tedious

You don’t have to worry about the tedious task of locking and unlocking your locker every time you use it. There are plenty of lockers that are already locked, or unlocked. You can even get lockers that are already open, closed, or empty. It doesn’t matter which one you get—all desktops operate on the same principle: just enter your password and voilà!

Myth 3: Are Expensive

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Myth 4: They spoil the décor

Office lockers are designed to blend in with the company’s décor and match their style, so they won’t look like an eyesore. They can also be painted to match a specific colour scheme or style of room, if this is what you prefer. If your office has a lot of wood paneling, for instance, it will be easy to find an office locker that matches this décor style perfectly!

Myth 5: Aren’t Safe for Personal Belongings

It’s a common misperception that lockers are not safe for personal belongings. This is simply not true. Office lockers are designed to be fire resistant and vandal proof, so it’s clear that they are safe for your valuables. In fact, many companies provide their employees with locker services because of the sense of security it offers them at work.


In the end, it comes down to the fact that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to office lockers. They’re just like any other piece of equipment in your workplace, and they have their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re considering adding them into your office space, make sure you consider how they might fit into your workflow before spending money on something that won’t work for everyone!