A Checklist That You Should Keep in Mind Before Planning function venues Sydney

A Checklist That You Should Keep in Mind Before Planning function venues Sydney

Starting from décor decisions to travel arrangements, every task depends on the venue that you select. Although, selecting a venue and organizing an event is not at all a ‘piece of cake’. There is an array of factors that need your consideration such as the date of function venues Sydney, catering options, guest experience and many more.

Does it sound daunting? Not actually! Here, I come up with a checklist that you should go through before booking venue for your function whether it is your loved one’s birthday party, your farewell function, fresher’s party or conference meeting you can never be disappointed. Just take a pen and note down these points to make your day more joyous!

The Earlier the Better!

Don’t forget to consider three factors before venue reservation: space requirements, your overall budget, and event size. Register a venue before 4 to 6 months of an event so that you can have enough time to plan other tasks such as catering, transportation and event brochures. A checklist can surely be a worth reading experience!

1)    Venue location

How do you feel when your dear ones can’t attend your party due to venue distance? Poor thing! You have thrown a party to share happiness with your buddies so, can you digest their absence just because of the long distance from their place? Guest convenience should be your first priority. If many guests will come from out of town then venue near the airport or their hotel will be beneficial.

In this case, don’t forget to consider transportation, traffic, and parking options. Do you want to reduce the chances of your guest to be late? Then, help them by providing a mobile event application which can help them reach on time. Well, it is better to keep buffer timing. I mean, if your event will start at 7 o’clock then you can inform your guest to arrive at the place around 6:30. It’s your day, you can be a bit naughty this way.

2)    Parking arrangement

You should ensure whether the venue has a parking lot or valet parking. If a venue has a parking lot then you don’t need to worry much. If there is no parking available then you can go through a few alternatives. You can reserve nearby parking lots for your guest and can include the cost in the ticket price or can leave parking payment on their individual head.

Transportation becomes easy-peasy after payment apps invention like Uber and Lyft. So you can collaborate with them, ask for a discount or use the promo codes for your attendees.

3)    The minimum capacity of guest

You will need to know the Function rooms Sydney capacity because 500 guests can’t comfortably fit into a 250-person capacity room. If you are hosting a big party then you should ask for complimentary services to the party-plot owner or manager like WiFi service or A/V support in return. Also, you can collect your guest instant reviews through live voting applications.