An Ultimate Guide to Make Slip Resistant Shoes for Men & Women

An Ultimate Guide to Make Slip Resistant Shoes for Men & Women

A few years ago, people who work in the food service sector or custodial employees invest in slip resistant shoes. It is because there was a need for reducing the cost and frequency of injuries caused by falls and slips. In the current age, more and more workers and employees purchase non-slip shoes in the workplace. These include nurses, technicians, medical staff, and other employees who are exposed to wet floors.

If you are one of them then, it would be good to get slip-resistant shoes in the first place. If you don’t have any shoes then, rest assured that there are ways for you to make the work smooth. So here are effective tips and tricks for non slip work shoes when you bought the pair. Let’s have a look!

slip resistant shoes

1) First of all, work on scuffing the sole of the shoes

This tip is useful especially if you want to improve the traction of the boots or work slip resistant work shoes. Through scuffing the bottom sole of shoes, you can give it traction which can be a huge help in making it slip-resistant. You can scrape it against abrasive surfaces as rough concrete. And, if you have new shoe then you should take note that it is slippery because it had a smooth sole.

2) Use two adhesive bandage

This can be a big help especially if the job makes you prone to have a bad fall even if you wear a quality shoe. And, what you need to do is, get two adhesive bandages then stick them at the back of your footwear’s part. Make sure, you put the bandages on the heel such as enchanting grip. With this, you can prevent falls and trips. You can expect a tip to work as a solution if you are running out of the time.

3) Adjust an ankle strap to the shoe


One more effective tip is that you can attach an ankle strap to the shoe. With the ankle strap, you can maintain the balance while working in the workplace or going outside. Also, it provides the grip and reduces the risk of fall.

4) Attach a non-slip sole

Also, to make your shoe slip-resistant while also ensuring the result is long-lasting or not. it is through attaching a non-slip sole on its outer part. You can navigate safely and soundly with this sole. And the sole is beneficial as it doesn’t keep you safe from slipping and make you more comfortable. It can help in retaining the excellence with the years. One important advantage is, buying a slip-resistant sole is that it isn’t that expensive.


Now, I’m sure you can make a smart slip resistant shoes purchase whenever you go shopping. If you like this guide then like & share with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours who require tips & tricks for buying. Thanks!

Source: 5 Tips & Tricks To Make slip resistant shoes And Be a Savior