Android VS iPhone: Which One Will Conquer the Race?

Android VS iPhone: Which One Will Conquer the Race?

The debate has knocked down the digital world where the graph of iPhone buyers is increasing day by day over android. Although I’m an android user when any of my friend or colleague ask me for a suggestion, I recommend to Buy an iPhone. Why? Why do people attract towards iPhone? What makes it a centre of attraction? – The buzz is loud and out of control when it comes to android & iPhone. In 2007, Steve Jobs announced & introduced us with the first iPhone & till the year iPhone is ruling over the techno-world or in mind of gadget lovers. It became a status & style statement for youngsters or collegians. And, still, the iPhone charm is sizzled.

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Here, I disclose some features which will be helpful to solve the mysterious buzz between iPhone & Android. Go on!

1)    Speedy like a ninja

The speed difference also plays an important role in this race. If you’re planning to spend your savings on the iPhone 7 32gb, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus then know that A11 bionic chip inside it can blow away anything from the android. Today, users are less patient in terms of using the phone or operating any websites. And our weak point becomes iPhone launchers strongest point as they provide us the best speed experience which attracts most of the techno-lovers.

2)    The best hardware & software integration

The 3D touch display was featured on iPhone 6s which pressurized mobile companies to work hard for surviving on the techno race. Each & every iPhone models come up with variations and addition in the functionality & features. iPhone 8 plus has a portrait mode which can add sophisticated lighting effects with a tap. Also, it can scan your face and intelligently make a picture fun.

3)    Usage is easy-peasy!

iPhone is the easiest phone to use than android phones. With its integrated models, it remains the same in look & feel. And with many new iPhone models, iPhone makers try to deliver more & more comfort to the users. Let me tell you, with iOS 11 they have added an ability that user can edit live photos and also can send payments to friends in the messages app.

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4)    Prioritize the best apps

Android and iOS have thousands of applications in the app store. Don’t take me wrong! This race is not yet over. The iPhone is still favoured by developers as the launching platform for the hottest new applications. Think about it once that Instagram took two years to launch for Android. So I hope, the winner of this trend race is clear to you. iPhone is still the king!

5)    No more bloatware!

We usually face bloatware while operating Android phones which is surely the first & foremost drawback of Android phones. Samsung and other phones have minimized this issue by storing all bloatware into a single folder. iOS 11, you can disable built-in applications you don’t need. iPhone also works beautifully with Macs.

Final thoughts…

Anyway, the buzz will never end whether iPhone is better or android but a fresh ratio says, people are going crazy for their iPhone love. And I also believe that iPhone is more feature-rich than android as I have just bought iPhone 7 32gb and I’m satisfied with its features & functionality. But Android phone makers are also working hard on their weak areas. Let’s see whom will you choose! Have a happy time!

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