Cleaning Awareness: Different Skip Bin Sizes for Different Type of Garbage

Cleaning Awareness: Different Skip Bin Sizes for Different Type of Garbage

Every day, how much garbage do you have in your home or office? – including your household dust as well as your garden rubbish. Where do you throw this garbage? I hope, you are not throwing or keeping it in polythene bags because it is harmful to your family’s health. How?

Plastic bags are everywhere like a ruling monster because we don’t have any idea that it negatively affect our health. Several cities have already banned plastic bags due to its negative effects. I’ll tell you the best way to stay away from its adverse effects, just hire Skip Bins Adelaide and keep your surrounding healthy!

There are countless choices in the market as people are going more & more aware of health & surroundings. Here, I try to introduce you with different types & sizes of skip bins. Just go through it to choose the preferable option!

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Well, general waste includes materials from below areas:

  • Household garbage
  • The building, construction, and demolition
  • Gardening and landscape
  • Industrial or commercial establishments

There is a wide range of waste types which can be placed in a skip bin. Most general waste can be put into skip bins are boxes, white goods, toys, clothes, carpet or electronic wastage.

Although, there are four most common types of skip bins with a variety of sizes. Let’s have an introduction!

1)    Marrel Skip Bins

This type of skip bins is the most common. It has tall sides and they are more difficult to load as compared to other skip bins types. Basically, it ranges from 1.5m3 to 17m3. For skip bins hire Adelaide where, there are endless choices available which varies in size, colour, price range, and types.

2)    Hooklift Skip Bins

Hooklift skip bins are also known as walk-in skip bins which is another type of skip bins. Usually, they are longer in length than marrel skip bins and feature lower sides. Their most remarkable feature is a rear door which can be swung open.

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3)    Mobile Skip Bins

This type of skip bins is a new type of skip bins which are smaller in size than marrel skips and hooklift skips. Also, they are referred to as “mini skip bins”. They look similar to front lift bins which you might have seen in industrial areas. It can be transported by small trailers and it can be placed on roads without the permission of any authority. The typical size of mobile skip bins is 3m3 to 6m3.

4)    Skip Bags

Skip bags are different than other types of skip bins. Unlike skip bins hire Adelaide once it is available for long-term hire. When you order a skip bags then it will be delivered to you and waste will be removed on a periodic basis. The skip bag remains at your location for as long as you want to.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for skip bins hire Adelaide then you can select & hire from above four skip bins categories. You can also visit our site at and can order online. We’re always ready & excited to serve you! Thank you!