Everything You Need to Know About criminal lawyer Ahmedabad

Everything You Need to Know About criminal lawyer Ahmedabad

Have you seen crime based web series or movies ever? – Well, it’s a trend of watching web series and in your exploration, you may come across crime oriented episodes. If it is a movie or reality, the first step is always related to a crime that was committed. This portion focuses on the cop and detective work involved in trying to solve the crime and gather evidence to prove their case against the crime. To handle any crime, you’ll require a Big lawyer in Ahmedabad who can help you come out from the trap.

If you are a victim or your near ones suffer from any crime, you’ll surely look for the best criminal lawyer Ahmedabad to help you fight for justice. Still, there are some basic things that you should feed up into your mind before hiring any lawyer. As a victim or crime student, you have to know few basics of crime before scratching deep into the process of hiring an attorney. Let’s go through the guidelines.

First of all, what is criminal law?

Criminal law relates to restricted conduct in society. When any government person takes steps to ban certain actions, they create crimes. It is an area that includes enforcing criminal law, defending against allegations of violations of criminal law. The purpose behind the criminal law is to protect society. All the lawmakers pass the law with beliefs that they are passing it for public’s good. Although it only targets one person or a group of people, it’s for each & everyone.

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However, the purpose of punishing criminal offenders include preventing additional offenses, retribution, deterring behaviors, and rehabilitation of offenders.

What makes it a Crime?

Just because the government has officialised prohibit the behavior doesn’t mean it’s an act of crime. Instead, it is a crime if the penalties attached to a violation. In the criminal case, a person’s freedom is usually all that matters. Each crime has some penalty which is the amount of time a person has to spend in jail if they’re convicted of any offense. Although, a criminal offense has other penalties like probation, fine, and placing an offense record to the person’s public or criminal history.

Difference between Felony & Misdemeanour

Generally, crimes are classified into felony and misdemeanor offenses. If the maximum penalty possible is more than a year in jail, it is a felony. A felony brings the possibility of going to a state prison rather than local. And on another hand, a misdemeanor is a crime that carries a maximum penalty of less than a year in jail. Well, rules may vary from state to state & region to region, there are few places having a low-level misdemeanor that doesn’t carry the jail time. Some of the states have a file system as a penalty instead of jail. Thus, each state has unique classifications for a few types of offenses.

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