Give Your Bathroom a New Look Seeing Helping from Bathroom Renovations Adelaide Team

Give Your Bathroom a New Look Seeing Helping from Bathroom Renovations Adelaide Team

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide is one of the leading renovating company creating simple and unique laundry designs for the past 25 years. Since a laundry is a frequently used space that is of some utility to your house, a well-organized laundry space can rationalize your household chores and provide more space for storage.

Convert your laundry into any style you want, be it just a hallway or a kitchen area, something that will provide you enough space for storage. To learn more about the materials, fittings and fixtures needed for a proper laundry renovation follow the article below.


  1. List down your requirements. Figure out the capability, storage features that can be added to your laundry rooms. Ask yourself what kind of look you want. Do you want it modernized or a traditional one? Will the walls be colorful or mix and match of some dull shades?
  2. Fix a meeting with any of the expert of Laundry Renovations Melbourne. An initial discussion will help you decide the designs to be used in the project, budget and space company. Also, this short rendezvous will act like a to-do list for the workers of the team taking up your project.
  3. Get your finalized quote and project planned. Whatever you plan with the professionals, do not forget to keep a rough draft with you as a backup support. Remember, your budget will rest upon your project size and its tenure.
  4. Next, have a meeting with your laundry renovation specialist. This is the stage where your advanced money will be collected and a contract signed.
  5. A showroom meeting can be dated to finalize the designs and products. A more detailed layout of the project can be discussed here.
  6. When it pertains to your project, a final meeting with the team will clear up all misunderstandings and ambiguities regarding the project. Here, the team will give you an elaborate explanation of how the work has been planned to be carried out during the given period of time. The property is handed down to the remodeling team.
  7. Then begins the installation and construction with regular updates of the amount of work that has been carried out.
  8. Finally, the furniture such as the shelves, cabinets, etc. are set up to their right locations and there you go, enjoying a well-furnished laundry space designed meticulously by the professional team of Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide.

Materials and Fittings

  • Tiling – the cost of re-tiling will be a serious fact to be taken under consideration. Based on quality, floor tiles cost around $35 – $50 per square meter. A laundry floor should consist of a drainage hole. It should be waterproof and sturdy. Vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, and natural stone are the best options for laundry flooring.
  • Sink – all washing and soaking businesses can be performed in a tub sink ranging from $250 – $750 depending on the size and quality.
  • Tapware – enhance your newly renovated laundry more with a tap
  • Washing Machine – if a washing machine is accommodated, see that the plumbing services work properly for easy drainage.
  • Dryer – a quality dryer for drying clothes will cost you around $500 – $2000. A more economical task will be to purchase a washing machine cum dryer.
  • Exhaust Fan – get rid of moisture and let the air circulate within by fixing a tiny exhaust fan.


Tilers Adelaide is an efficient team that goes for a detailed researching of the property, followed by delving deep into the purpose of renovation of the room, then positioning the laundry room in different corners of your house to see which position fits the ambience of your house and is easily approachable to you, understanding your demands, setting the budget and finally, discussing with the experts of the team.