Going Green: Making Use of a Swimming Pool Heat Pump with Solar Technology

Going Green: Making Use of a Swimming Pool Heat Pump with Solar Technology

Provided both recent technological advances and raised environmental recognition, even more, pool owners are benefiting from renewable energy now than in the past. Lots of swimming pools currently feature not just one, however 2 energy-efficient heating systems. In this post, we review how you can benefit from power effectiveness as well as the lower operating expense with swimming pool heat pumps and solar heating systems.

Heat-pump and solar heating units match each other very well due to the fact that they use different types of renewable energy. Conditions that render one furnace ineffective have no effect on the other. In conditions positive to both heating systems, the systems help each other in warming your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Energy Performance

As we have actually pointed out in other write-ups, an air-source heat pump relies on air temperature level because it transfers warmth from the air to your swimming pool. Air-source heat pumps function extremely well when ordinary air temperatures go beyond 50 ° F( 10 ° C). They work much less effectively in air temperature levels below 50 ° F( 10 ° C ), nonetheless, as well as they quit altogether in freezing temperature levels. A solar heater, on the various other hands, relies on sunshine, due to the fact that it moves heat from the sunlight’s rays to your pool. Solar pool heating for that reason operates extremely efficiently in warm weather condition. They work less effectively in cloudy weather, nonetheless, and can not run during the night.

By using both a solar heater as well as a heat pump in your flow system, you can heat your swimming pool in almost all weather conditions and thereby substantially prolong your pool period.

Solar pool heating

Running Costs

You place it after your filter and in parallel circulation with your heat pump when you install a solar heater to your existing blood circulation system. Your swimming pool water will leave your pool through the skimmer and main drains. It will travel through your pump, filter, and also either your solar heating system or heat-pump (or both) and after that your chlorinator. Your swimming pool heat pumps will certainly then go back to your pool via the return lines.

By heating your pool water two times throughout one circulation cycle, you lower your pool’s heating time, which will certainly enable you to appreciate your pool for longer periods of time. Additionally, you place less tension on your heat-pump, which will certainly decrease your pool home heating expenses. For more suggestions on lowering your solar pool heating prices, do get in touch with us.

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