Hotel booking sites to use and avoid for chasing the best hotel discount in Mumbai

Hotel booking sites to use and avoid for chasing the best hotel discount in Mumbai

Mumbai that is previously known as a Bombay, one of the biggest city in India. The city of dreams, heart live of India, a powerhouse of Business, trade, City of Film, the financial and entertainment capital is one of the best places to watch in India. Heading to the city of dreams for a holiday, and stuck between on your hotel search page? Well, it is the very stressful process to get best hotel discount in Mumbai.

The one told that “You can get food but is hard to get stay in Mumbai” because Mumbai is a perfect blend of the modern and traditional culture. This article helps you to get back from this problem. How through the hotel booking sites help you to get best hotel discount in Mumbai.

First of all,

How to get best hotel discount in Mumbai preferring the sites?

If you are planning to roam at Mumbai and wanted to book a room in the hotel of your choice. Choosing a third party such as a travel agency or an online site is one option. The online agency is beneficial as they are enough able to give a discount on their side.

Book your hotel with the third party, if they offer the best discount on the hotel room booking with the good room service, and amenities. Sometimes it happens that it can be a misnomer. Either you will find the room not up to the mark or discount is minimal or negligible. Contrary prefers the hotel site to book the room in the Mumbai.

best hotel discounts in mumbai

If you are surprised if found that booking room in the Mumbai via direct hotel booking. Sometimes you can find the best hotel discount in Mumbai on hotel websites than the online travel agency.

For the promotion of hotels have made it an issue to decrease their hotel prices getting the fact that the agency allows one to make a comparison of the prices of the different hotels in the Mumbai.

How to book cheap hotels besides online booking?

Besides using the online third party or hotel website to book the room with a good offer in the Mumbai, here are some hacks you can use to get the best rate possible.

  • Direct call at the hotel

->Whether you are booking a big hotel or small accommodation, direct call the hotel reception. They often have the best deals, but you have to match the deal with your other deal. Because wherever you get best hotel discount in Mumbaisnatch the offer. They provide the discount if you have more people or more days to stay.

  • Use rewards

->Some hotels are under the chain, you can earn the points while booking the same hotel via their site or call. Some hotels provide a discount on different bank credit or debit cards. Collect the points with big chains.  Use these reward points to get the best hotel discount in Mumbai.

  • Get gift cards

->Some hotel booking provider can book major hotel chains with hotel gift cards. These gift cards will help to book the hotel easily and affordable.

  • Become a member/use other’s member card

->If your relative or friend is a member of any resort or hotel, use their card to book a hotel to get discount. This will help even if you cancel the room can get the refund.

best hotel discounts in mumbai

Living in the Mumbai is so much love about to enjoy crazily, buzzing, the inspiring city of dreams. The beautiful mess, colonial buildings, and the slums is a real buzz of aspiration in the Mumbai. To get the best hotels with the cheap rate in this metropolitan city is not so hard at all.