How does Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne system purify the air?

How does Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne system purify the air?

The systems for Heating and Cooling Melbourne in your homes are also called HVAC systems. The acronym basically stands for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. The HVAC system is mainly responsible for the humidity, temperature as well as quality of indoor environment and also the comfort of the habitants.

There’re different types of ventilating, heating and cooling systems. The kind of equipment which is used in some particular areas needs to be only with the climate. The coldness as well as the length of winters and length and hotness of summers are the primary factors which determine what’s exactly needed. The levels of humidity also play a very important role for deciding what system would be needed.

Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne

Heating system

Heating the house is a process to add heat to indoor environment thereby increasing temperature.

Some of the most common systems of heating and cooling Melbourne installed in the new houses today:

  • Forced air- some of the most common heating/cooling systems are these. The blower circulates the air through the heat exchanger for heating the home. The AC systems may be added to the systems.
  • Heat pump- there are different types of heating pumps, however the most common types are the air source heating pumps.
  • Hydronic- water is mainly heated by the boiler and then circulates through the radiators which are located in the house.
  • Radiant- water is mainly heated by the boiler and then circulated through the tubing which is located in the walls, floors and the ceilings for warming the surfaces that in turn heat the space through radiation.
  • Geothermal- the heating pump which employ ground water for the heating source. It serves the Heating and Cooling Melbourne needs in the system.
  • Electric- heat is mainly supplied through the electric heaters when the electricity passes through any device.

Cooling system

The cooling of the house is also called air conditioning. It’s basically the removal of heat for cooling and dehumidifying the air indoor.

Ducted Heating Systems Melbourne

Common A/C systems which are installed in the homes:

  • Forced air- some of the most common types of Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne systems are these. A compressor mainly circulates the refrigerant between the 2 coils and then the blower blows across the indoor coil that removes the heat from the house and then it’s circulated to exterior for dissipating heat.
  • Ductless split system- a mini split air condition system. Quite similar to traditional split systems, however every room has air handler which is located for individual controlling and thus there is no need of ductwork.
  • Ventilation- the main reason behind ventilation in a house is for controlling the quality of the indoor air.

The clothes dryer is another way of ventilation wherein the moisture gets vented to exterior. This type of ducting has to be made of metallic pipes for proper protection from fire.


The homes these days are built much tighter and thus they let infiltration of the outdoor air. The rate of exchange of the new houses is lower than the older hoes and thus the indoor air may become unhealthy as well as stagnant. Thus, a Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne is important for making the air healthy.

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