How safe is your old gym wall padding?

One of the best ways to make gym safer while improving its appearance is through the use of high-quality wall padding.

“The wall padding of the gym can be very useful to prevent all types of injuries, including head injuries and broken bones, when the action is spilled from the court and the athlete’s crash against the walls.”

As we know that, the padding of the wall is only safe and effective when it is in good condition, and like all other things, these carpets wear out as time goes.

They tear and lose the filling. That’s why it’s so important for all gym owners to take the time to regularly inspect the padding of the wall to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

Wall Padding
Wall Padding

How to inspect wall padding whether it is safe or not?

You can make sure that the old pad in your gym is really safe?

Here are some things you should lookout:

  • Cushioning in corners:

To inspect the padding along the walls, you should pay special attention to the padding in the corners, beams and columns that are in your facilities. These areas are particularly dangerous for athletes, so make sure your old padding is still on par to avoid injury.

  • Type of foam:

Does the wall padding comply with standards for flame propagation and impact resistance? It is important to use foam padding that protects athletes in collisions and at the same time make your entire gym safer against the spread of fire.

  • General appearance:

As examining the wall covering for safety reasons is to simply look at it carefully. A thorough visual inspection will greatly help you determine if the padding is really safe and if a replacement is necessary.

You can ask the questions,

  • Are there rips, tears or missing sections?
  • Is it still hanging on the wall correctly?
  • Is it wide and tall enough to protect your athletes?
  • Thickness:

Thickness is important for impact resistance. Impacts and general wear and tear can cause the filler to decrease and lose its impact resistance, so it is very important to measure it carefully and make sure it complies with nationally accepted safety standards.

How you can make the gym safer?

Gym padding can also be installed around any obstruction in the wall or wrapped around posts and columns so there is never a lapse in the protection it provides. Cover the rails and fences of the chain links with a wall pad to help prevent injuries. The padding can even cover beams in the ceiling to prevent rebounding!

Covering the gym floor when it is not being used for sporting events is simply sensible. A thick gymnastic canvas will protect the floor during pep meetings, choir concerts and daily traffic.

Cleaning with a dry mop several times a day is a tried and true remedy to clean dirt and grime. Whether you need to equip a wrestling room, the walls behind the basketball hoops, the end of a track or a whole sports centre, the padding of the gym provides protection for safety to your athletes.

End line…

Ultimately, recognize that you do not have to do anything special to maintain a safe gym. A few improvements and cleaning will make your gym a safe and welcoming place. Especially the wall padding, won’t be torn in future.