How to Keep You Polished Timber Floor Clean, Shining And Bright?

How to Keep You Polished Timber Floor Clean, Shining And Bright?

Rules to Clean and Maintain Polished Timber Floors!!

Timber flooring in Melbourne is getting popularity due to the fact that it adds elegance and charisma to any place wherever they are installed. Be it home, office or any other government or private building. Timber flooring is one of the most abundantly renewable materials available these days. However, irrespective of how hard your timer flooring is, it has its lifespan. With the passage of time you will inevitably see faults and dullness in your timber flooring due to the traffic over it. And this is where timber floor polishing Melbourne comes to plays.

Polishing your timber floors will definitely add life to your dull and dreary floor. Also cleaning and polishing will offers lots of advantages such as healthier as well as beautiful environment to live in peacefully.

However, cleaning and maintaining polished timber floor is not an easy calk-walk as it comes with its own set of cleaning quirks. So, learning how to clean your polished floor will protect and maintain your beautiful investment in a long run. In this blog I have come up with this easy to follow thumb rules, using which you can keep your floor shinier, brighter and attractive all the year around!!
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  • Rule #1: Vacuum and sweep your floor regularly

Well, most of the people do it on regular basis, but for those who doesn’t pay attention of vacuuming or sweeping then you must understand that fine girt in dust can easily get clogged up on the floors thereby affecting your floors to a greater extent. Hence, regular or once a week vacuuming and sweeping will keep away the dirt and dust and will protect your floor from wear. To add this, it will maintain your floors appearance.

  • Rule #2: Say no to water for timber floor

When it comes to wood, say no to water as it can ruin your floors and also they can penetrate deep into wood and stain it! Excessive wet patches can stain timber flooring and can even result in extended and distorted boards. So use effective floor cleaners to retain back its shine. You can find wide range of tools cleaner for timber floor cleaning. Choose the one that suits you.

  • Rule #3 Polish timber floor

Well, polishing your floor is one of the best ways to keep your floor safe as it decreases absorbency rate of wood to some extent decreases and it also brings out the shinier appearance of timber.

  • Rule #4: Use right kind of cleaners and polishers

Using right kind of tools plays an important role in cleaning your floors. There are several cleaners and polishers available in market that can help you in cleaning and polishing your floor to a greater extent. But make sure to buy only branded and best products. You can also try home-based solution like – Take half cup of methylated spirits and it into half bucket of warm water; it will act as a neutral cleaning solution.

  • Rule #5: Use an extra-long, appropriate door mats

Keeping long doormats plays an important role in stopping the dirt entering your home. It acts a protect barrier and will aid greatly in removing dirt and grit from the tread of footwear at the first level only.

  • Rule #6: Use rugs to protect high-traffic areas.

Placing rugs in the high traffic area is the easiest way to protect your floor from wear. Also they will boot up the appearance of your home to a greater extent.

Summing it up

Cleaning and floor polishing in Melbourne will not seem time consuming if you follow these basic rules. All you need to do is simply understand – Your timber floors need extra care. Make them look beautiful with these cleaning tips.

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