How to Know Which Skateboard Decks Are Good For You

How to Know Which Skateboard Decks Are Good For You

Selecting Skateboard Decks can become a mind boggling job. There are a number of parameters which need to be considered while you begin the task of purchasing a cheap deck. While purchasing efficient Skateboard Decks you have to look at 3 main categories. These 3 categories are width of deck, look and concave of the deck. Below are some important points which would help you in buying a deck.

Important points to consider while buying Skateboard Decks


  1. Width is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a skateboard. Width of the board considers whether you’re a beginner or have been into skating for some time now. If you will be using the skateboard for some tricks it is important to know how comfortable your skateboard is. In case you’re a novice or if you have a poor stability, a wide skateboard would help you in keeping the balance and would also help you in feeling much more comfortable.

In case you’re an advanced skateboarder, a thin deck would be suitable for you. You should not feel as if you’re buying a thinner deck only because a pro skateboarder uses one. A lot of good skaters have thin decks. That’s mainly because they’ve been into skating for quite some time now and they have a good balance.

  1. Another choice which should be dependent on your personal preferences is concave of the Skateboard Decks. Concave refers mainly to the way the board curves up on the edges, tail and the nose. The level of the concave depends mainly on your style of skating and what makes you feel good. There are basically 3 concave levels. Mellow concave on the skateboard deck is almost flat and a shallow one.

In case you have flat footed skating style, then this one would be good for you. On the contrary, the spectrum of the concave is steep deck. Steep concave would make you feel as if your feet are really gripped to the skateboard. If none of these feel good to you then there is another choice.

The medium concave skateboard draws from both the ends for producing that perfect middle. While you go to buy a deck try the boards with different concaves to check what exactly feels good to you.

  1. Lastly, there’s the way you want your skateboard to look like. You would like your skater board to represent you. It’s all about your own preferences and also about what you feel would look good on the deck. There are a number of designs which are available from partial to full board, design, colour, wording, etc. You may browse through different shops for finding that perfect look.


For finding the best Skateboard Decks, you need to consider few important things. These things will help you in choosing the right deck board for you. You need to first decide your preference and then accordingly look for skater board decks in the market.