Increase the Value of Your Home: Timber Floor Sanding

Increase the Value of Your Home: Timber Floor Sanding

Looking at the designed Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is a thing that people really like and the ambience of the colours and surface can increase the value of your home. There are several of classes and timber flooring designs available in the market. It is really important that sanding of the flooring is finished by experts so as to avoid any kind of damage. If the sanding is done properly then it increases the ambience of the home and the polishing adds the artistic value. The sanding procedure is finished before to the polishing procedure. Never try sanding the ground on your own. Always implement experts who have got experience so that the job is done completely.

  • Safety glasses and mud mask

Your first process will include the punching of the nails. Safety glasses are a must as small shards of steel can become projectiles from fingernail heads or from the stunning of the hammer to the punch head. Most of the dust is gathered by the device although very fine contaminants will be viral during the procedure of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

  • Dust fire hazard

Take care when storing sawdust in plastic purses bags leading up to disposal as they may start to burn. The main cause I have experienced is when the drum device has sanded over the top of a fingernail head creating a spark. This sparks along with the sawdust and air suction power during dust selection results in the dust starting to smoulder.

  • Harmful coverings hazard

Common floor coating formulations used today include both one and two pack water or solvent based polyurethane coverings. Among other health concerns, visibility to these coverings can have both long and short-lasting effects on the breathing, the skin and eyes. Always wear a chemical respirator when implementing these coverings. To make sure a limited closure between your face and the mask it is helpful to be clean shaven and makes it modified properly.

As this Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is generally highly combustible you should make sure the evaporating vapours do not come in contact with any source of the key. Apart from the apparent – no cigarette smoking or open fire in the area, a warning should be taken when covering near appliances. Old fridges can create a spark when the motor begins and should be taken off the area before to covering. Gas water heater pilot lights are another risk to know about.

  • Risk of electric shock

As all floor sanding equipment have steel systems, it is advice to use a security box between the sanding device and the power outlet at the wall. I have individually sanded into several of expansion brings over the years revealing the raw cables, and with the drum spinning at such high revolutions, it is easy to do if you are not regularly cautious while working on sanding the floors in front of you.


You must be very cautious when choosing the provider for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne for your timber flooring. You must be completely conscious of their skills and experience to know the quality of work that they provide.