Reblocking Melbourne: Best Way to Give Your Home a Solid Base

Reblocking Melbourne: Best Way to Give Your Home a Solid Base

Reblocking Melbourne or restumping is an interrelated word and it is done in order to give the home a stronger base. It can also help to give your floors much needed support and a longer life to your home also. This is process is not only helpful not only for the new home owners but the old homes also get much need support with this effort too.  This is why this is important for every home to do the reblocking. It will make sure that you can live with your family safely in your home for years to come. But before doing this job you must consult a home inspector so that he can guide you through the way of reblocking of your subfloor.

The process of reblocking that is done by the professionals

When you hire a good and seasoned reblocking Melbourne company then you can rest assured about the quality of services. But still learning the steps of this process can give you an edge over others who don’t possess this kind of knowledge.

  • In the first phase of this process, the professionals support the worn out stumps with the help of the jacks.
  • Then they excavate the soils of underneath the subfloor to reach the foundation of the home.
  • Then the old and damaged stumps are removed from the base.
  • In the last phase of the Reblocking Melbourne, they tend to install the new stumps pour concrete into the holes to fix the stumps.

The benefits of replacing the stumps of the subfloor

There are perhaps more benefits than you can think of Reblocking Melbourne in a fixed interval of time. If you are aware of the benefits here is an excerpt of the benefits which worth mentioning.

  • This step can make your house livable for years and also gives your house a strong and stable base so that your house can stand-still for years to come.
  • If you want to renovate your room or want to make more space in your dwelling space, then also this move will give you a plethora of benefits. If you want to transform your home to shop then also reblocking Melbourne can be very effective. With this change, you can give your house an ability to bear more pressure.
  • With this step, you can simply change the stumps which are damaged or rotten so you don’t need to invest in building a new home or change the entire subfloor and take huge expenses.
  • Your flooring can be easily solvable as with this stumping you can give your flooring the strength for bearing more pressure of the new flooring needs and so on.
  • It can give you a better and inexpensive way to maintain your home’s subfloor which is very important to keep your home strong and everlasting.


Reblocking Melbourne can bring new opportunities for the homeowners. Be it revamping your house or giving it more strength to bear more pressure, in all the cases the reblocking can be significant yet cost effective move. Thus taking this step you can gain various benefits for yourself and can transform your home into a safe haven for your family.