Secrets that Hairdresser won’t tell you at any cost

Secrets that Hairdresser won’t tell you at any cost

If you constantly try to show your best face, it is better to maintain good relations with your hairdresser South Yarra salon. Sure, you know well who and when to tip, but your stylist/ hairdresser will want to know much more. Have you ever wondered what your hairdresser is really thinking about when he is telling you? We asked the dressers from all over the country to comment on everything they have been dying to tell you.


Here is the list that they don’t want to disclose in front you:

1. I probably cannot give you a celebrity’s hairstyle

If he or she is the best hairdresser South Yarra, can match the colour and cut of a celebrity, she or he cannot give you access to the team of professionals that the rich and famous have by arranging their hair before each appearance. Bringing images is great, but stay open to adaptations that take into account.

2. A salon is not a daycare

The stylists cannot concentrate on their customers and keep hot irons and chemicals out of hand.

3. If you feel you are being very nervous, they do exactly want

Be prepared to talk specifically with your stylist. And if you are asked to remove two inches, make sure that your definition of “two inches” is the same as hers.

4. I love meeting my clients, up to a point

Do not assume that your stylist is anxious to hear your relief about your divorce or your dominant boss.

5. Please respect my time

Arriving five minutes late can take off all your stylist’s day. If you are late, call. And never throw a no-show. On the same note, do not call at the last minute and ask to be hurry -up. Your stylist will probably try to accommodate you, but it may mean staying late or rushing to finish with another client first.


6. Switch off your phone

Turn off your cell phone before the start of your appointment, recommends Hairdresser from South Yarra. Your conversation not only distracts other customers.

7.  I am promoting my salon products because they are better for your hair, not for earning

Your stylist has products that he believes in. It’s frustrating for him to see a customer pay good money for a good colour or a modern cut, but then buy pharmacy shampoo and conditioner to save a few dollars.

8.  You know your hair better than anyone, don’t consider ransom talk 

If you are visiting a stylist for the first time, be honest about the history of your hair. Did your last hairdresser is the best hairdresser in South Yarra? Do you know what he dyed your hair with?  Once go and check the all type of the service, from any hairdresser from South Yarra. Don’t believe that they tell you, once check this article, you already know what you have to do.

Source: What are the things that your hairdresser doesn’t want to tell you?