Solar Pool Heating– An Affordable and Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Pool

Solar Pool Heating– An Affordable and Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Pool

What’s the use of such a pool at home which cannot be enjoyed at any time of the year – daily or just when the desire strikes. No doubt, as the summer approaches, a pool becomes toasty and enjoyable, but conversely during winter days it’s become ice cold thereby giving goose bumps to individuals. A heated pool at is something which is a blessing for those who just can’t bear swimming in cold water.  Pool heating options such as propane and electric heating systems, fossil-fuel derived petroleum gas, and many other have been around for some time. However, the growing concern to save the earth from polluting fossil fuels that are causing so much damage to our environment, has resulted in important technological advances in methods for using alternative renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and so on. Out of these, the solar power has grown in popularity as they are not only safe to use, but cost effective and safe to install. Solar power application is being used in many forms and solar pool heating is one such application.

Solar pool heating is an effective pool heating way, which uses infrared rays that are radiated from the sun to raise the temperature of the water in a pool. Heating your outdoor swimming pool with a solar pool heating system is the easy and effective way to lower down your energy bills and keep your pool warm and cosy. Similar to many other home solar heating systems, they can turn the immense energy from the sun into something useful. These systems are easy to install and will last longer to providing you with free solar hot water to enjoy.

solar pool heating

Many of the people are switching to use of solar pool heating, as it give them opportunity to enjoy pool swimming all he year round without breaking a bank or affecting environment.

You can avail benefits by installing solar pool heating at your pool such as

  • One of the main benefits of installing a solar panel heating system is that they will save you money in the long run.
  • They are effective and eco-friendly way to heat the pool.
  • It will require very little maintenance and can last for a long period of time
  • Enjoy pool swimming at time of the year without worrying about ice cold water

Methods of Pool Heating Using Solar Power –

There are mainly two types of solar pool heating methods including both active and passive.

  • Passive Solar Pool Heating Method – In this method, different pool heating accessories are being used (such as – pool covers, pool blankets, pool domes and pool pills) to simply trap sun’s energy inside the pool and warm up the water. However, there is one drawback of this method that it can function in direct sunlight, but not when there is weak or no sunlight which renders them ineffectual in such weather.
  • Active Solar Pool Heating Method – In this method, sun’s energy is harnessed and transformed into a usable resource. This energy can be used to heat pool whenever needed. Solar panels, collectors are some of the active pool heating systems that give you opportunity to warm up the pool and enjoy swimming all the year-round in a pleasing manner.

Conclusion –

If you are considering heating your pool this winter, solar pool heating is an ideal, environmentally friendly and affordable method. Just make sure to purchase best pool heating system from the right source, so that you can get right worth for your investment.

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