Things to Do Before Opting For Floor Sanding Melbourne

Things to Do Before Opting For Floor Sanding Melbourne

Floor Sanding Melbourne services are a straightforward procedure that requires a considerable measure of care and meticulousness as this can majorly affect the last wrap up. You have to focus on detail so that your floor looks awesome. A couple of basic strides are there that you have to take after to give your floor the best sanding.

Floor Sanding includes three phases;

  1. Pre Sanding Stage
  2. Sanding Stage
  3. Post Sanding Stage

The pre-sanding stage: the initial step is to check your floorboards to check whether there are any free nails and holes between the floorboards. Supplant such nails with new ones or simply pound the old ones again into position. Fill in the holes between the floorboards by utilising pitch and saw clean.

Sanding and Post Sanding Stage

There are diverse sorts of floor sanding Melbourne services provided by professionals. Floorboard sanding and cleaning include the utilisation of coarse or harsh sandpaper in the underlying stages to sand the floorboard before proceeding onward to better sandpaper to expel all the tidy, soil, recolours that have been collected over a timeframe.

In the floor sanding and cleaning process, the following stage is to guarantee that you are flooring gets the best wrap up. You can browse oil based completions, composite completions, water based completions and dissolvable based polyurethane wraps up.

When this is done, the floor is prepared for sanding. You can start by utilising coarse or unpleasant sandpaper and afterward steadily proceed onward to better sand paper as this will guarantee that your wooden floor stays even and smooth.

Things to Do Before Floor Sanding

Before you start floor sanding Melbourne process, you have to expel all the furniture from the room. You will deliver a considerable amount of tidy while you are sanding, so additionally evacuate shades, blinds and whatever else that needs assurance from the tidy.

Investigate your whole floor. On the off chance that you discover any nails, countersink them. You would prefer not to sand nails or have a jutting nail tear your sandpaper.

In the event that your floor is old, it is a smart thought to discover how much timber you have left to work with. The production of timber floor is done using “tongue and section” floorboards. If the floors are sanded in the past and completed a few times, there might be just a little piece of “tongue” at the highest point of the floor.

You could sand through the tongue and wind up with a monstrous repair work or be not able to repair the floorboards. Check before you sand and you will know whether it is sheltered to sand your floors.


In the event that you are just sanding a vast floor and need to make certain to get a perfectly complete, get quotes from floor sanding Melbourne professionals first. It might be worth paying additional for their expert administrations.