Time to Move out of Rental Property – How to do End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Time to Move out of Rental Property – How to do End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

So, are you among one of the thousands of Melbourne tenants planning to move into a new home/apartment or your end of lease has come to an end this year? You must be very excited to move into a new place, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before leaving your current property. And out of which one of the most important things that your must keep in mind is end of lease cleaning Melbourne.

End of lease cleaning is really very important to get your security bond back that have deposited to your landlord while renting a space. And in order to receive it back you have to leave the property spotless. According to research most of the disputes took place in Melbourne to get security bond back.

No matter how good you keep your rental space, when it comes to getting your security bond back you need to pay extra attention and efforts on cleaning. And hence, here we have brought up checklist of all the items and spaces that you have to clean before you call the landlord for property examination.

General Cleaning

While performing general cleaning you need to pay attention on each and every room in your home –

  • Dusting of the light fixtures, switches, fans, blinds, and other outlets, if necessary wipe down them so as to achieve perfectly clean.
  • Also, while make sure to check whether the switches and light or bulbs are working properly, if not then replace them with the new one. Also, make sure to check and clean up bulbs in your microwave and fridge.
  • Clean and mop all doors and door cases, window and window frames as well
  • Wash the walls (if needed). For that purpose you use mix of baking soda with water
  • Swap and mop your floors, or of you have carpet flooring make sure to vacuum it. For stubborn spots you may need to schedule a professional carpet cleaners

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Check the faucets, shower for any leakage
  • Clean and scrub tiles.
  • Clean and sanitize the bathtub
  • Clean and sanitize the bathroom sink, faucets, toilet paper holders, towel racks and wardrobe if you have.
  • Clean and shine the mirror, glass shower enclosure.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the corners in bathroom where mould develop easily.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean inside and outside the dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect countertops, kitchen sink, & faucet
  • Clean inside the microwave and wipe microwave’s vent
  • Clean all other appliances, do not forget to sweep behind and under them too
  • Don’t forget to clean up your kitchen oven. Your kitchen oven must have stubborn stain, so you can use special oven cleaners to obtain better results.
  • Clean up and mop down all the cabinets and appliances, refrigerator, cupboards and drawers. You can first vacuum and then wipe the drawers.

Outside Cleaning

  • Clean up garage, remove all the of your items and waste
  • Sweep decks and patios, garden
  • Remove yard debris, pull the weeds

Once, complete cleaning work will done make sure to use dispose of your trash and rubbish form your home.


So, clean up everything in your rental property and make sure to leave all the things in working condition. When you follow this checklist, you can get spotless home. But if your feel that this cleaning is not your cup of tea or you don’t have enough time to pay attention on every details then fortunately there are many end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne that will take all the cleaning task their shoulders and assure you to get your security bond back. Thus, you’ll save time for other important tasks and can have a stress-free move out.

This post is originally posted on Dailyblogs.com.au, re-published with permission.