Tips for finding good Wine Bars Melbourne

Tips for finding good Wine Bars Melbourne

Looking for Italian Restaurants Melbourne is quite easy. There are chances that you would find an eatery in every direction of the city. Since past few years, with an economic boom, restaurants in Melbourne have become the major attraction in the city.

You will find a number of restaurants in Melbourne. You will also find different cuisines like Japanese, Italian, Mongolian, Indian and Moroccan cuisine. Every month a new restaurant is opened. With so many choices available today, it becomes a little difficult to decide which one is good or not.

So below are a few tips which would find you good restaurants.

Tips to find good Italian restaurants in Melbourne

  • Word-of-mouth- there’s no source of advertising which is more powerful than the people you like and trust. Speak to your colleagues or friends and see if there’s something that you could find.
  • Look for a greeting- when you enter the restaurant, the waitress has to be friendly and she should be able to make you comfortable. In case you enter and be treated as if they do not care if you’re or not, then it might be an indication of the whole experience you would have.
  • Levels of services- you may expect to be welcomed by the server within 5 minutes of you being seated. The server has to be friendly but he or she should not be intrusive. A good waitress in a good Bar Restaurant Melbourne would be attentive towards your requirements without you asking them for anything apart from the food that you want.

All the above are only a few things which you may look for determining the kind of experience you wish to have from the restaurant Melbourne.

You may even stop by at some tourism kiosk in case you don’t belong to the city. They have guides as well as pamphlets which you may use for finding good places to eat. In case you’re putting up in a hotel, then you will find the pamphlets at the lobby of the hotel. You may even ask the hotel staff for the same. The locals are the best people for getting honest recommendations. There could be some new place which would have not been discovered yet by the tourism guides or the info pamphlets. You may discover these places and enjoy them. You may even tell others about them.

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In case you’re a part of some tour group, there are chances that the restaurants would be chosen on your behalf. It’s not bad at all. It just means that you might have lesser chances of finding a place on your own. In case you’re staying with some friends or if you are travelling alone, then you might be interested in simply walking down the streets and see what’s being offered.


Finding restaurants and Wine Bars Melbourne is not a difficult task at all. The challenge lays in finding places which are good and which offer comfortable ambience.