What is a Rivnut Tool?

What is a Rivnut Tool?

The industry of aircraft production has perfected joining and securing fastening of the air frame as well as body panels with the help of a Rivnut Tool. A Rivnut nut is threaded fastener which is installed safely on back of the fixed body panel and the internal components.

They are quite handy and the joining cover has to be removed for maintenance in future as well as possible repairs. This makes the rivet nut tools important for assembly line.

Rivet is commonly used in the aircraft production plants due to the ease of usage and their uniform strength. Sometime, there’re some plans which call for the similar kind of fastening power and strength in the domain which needs removable panels or in the tight areas.

The rivets sink the threaded fastener on back of the surface which has to be secured making the fastening of the panels possible with the help of high strength nut. This application could be inserted with the hand tools but commonly it’s performed with the power rivet tool which is electrically driven.

The ease of usage as well as durability of the rivets has helped in making them popular for the assembling industries. It is rarely seen an assembly without the tool.

Varieties of rivet nuts

Rivnut comes in different shapes, sizes as well as metals for each conceivable application. Most of the popular types of Rivnut tools were manufactured for the high stress conditions like body panel of the airplane, internal servicing door and the access area. Some of the nuts are designed with the counter sunk heads and some have secondary features also which allow additional protection.

There are a number of high speed brakes rivet tools which are used for securing the braking pad lining to metallic backing. These applications most commonly make use of the stainless steel nut for the exceptional tension as well as corrosion resistance.

The rivet tools are the special aircraft tools which use blind rivet system where accessibility is very limited and metal needs high street fastener which could be removed for access in future for inspection and repairs. These tools help in making it possible to offer good quality fastening to the body panel where the standard rivets need costly removal and possible also damage parts needing periodic removal.

Generally, rivet is basically made of smooth cylindrical shafts and heads which are known as factory heads. The end opposite is known as buck tail or the shop head. For holding the rivet into place, buck tail is approximately 1.5 times of the shaft’s diameter.

They’re installed with the help of the hammer. During this process, the force required for pushing the factory head for inserting the rivets into holes.