Which Type Of Water Filter Adelaide Would Be Suitable For Your House

Which Type Of Water Filter Adelaide Would Be Suitable For Your House

When you need to choose Water Filters for your house, you will have the below options available in the market.

  • Filter housing

The filter housing water filter is placed on the primary water feed of the house. A plumber typically would place the loop in garage or the well house where you may place the filter housing in the series of capturing contaminants before letting the water enter your house. The biggest benefit of having the filter installed will be that you may place any kind of filter in your house. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind while choosing a water filter like the contaminant type and flow of water.

Water Filters

In case you have a bigger house with 2 or more bathrooms in the house, you will require larger filters for keeping up with the usage of water.

Any of the media filters could be installed in the cartridges. The sediment Water Filters is the most popular ones which capture silt, sand as well as dirt. Next to sediment filter are Granular Activated Carbons or GAC. The GAC filter removes chlorine from the water and dirty organics from the water. Generally when the water smells and tastes bad, the GAC filters would fix larger portions of the issues. Apart from these filters, there’re a number of miscellaneous filters for the housing. The uses of the filters are limited to wide varieties of water issues that you might face.

  • Media tanks

The media tanks function on the similar lines as housings mentioned above but on a larger scale. These filters typically relate to the water softener. The tank filters water continuously till either the set flow of water or time is achieved. In place of having Water Filters to change media tanks would back flush for renewing itself. This is one of the biggest benefits for people who don’t like to maintain filter housing.

Water filters

One of the most common media tanks you might see is water softener. The water softener tank is filled with the resin beads that attract themselves to the calcium particles in the pipes and don’t let it pass in the house.

This helps in removing the scales build up in the shower head and appliances. Build-up of calcium in the water is mainly responsible for over usage of water and soap. More calcium is there in water, more soap, shampoo etc. it would require for doing the job.

The second most famous media is carbon tank. The cost of the tank is higher than housing filter but performance is totally worth the investment. After the water softener and carbon tank the use for media tank is just like housing filter. There are a lot of users for this tank as well.



While choosing a Water Filter Adelaide you need to consider a few important things in mind. These include water type, the size of your house and other such aspects.

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