Who is Tailor Made Suits Melbourne meant for

Who is Tailor Made Suits Melbourne meant for

What are Bespoke Suits Melbourne and how are they made? In simple words, a bespoke suit is the suit which is made by the tailor as per the measurements of the person who ordered it.

But, you must be wondering what exactly it means. The term “bespoke” is used often in English British than the English America which uses custom made more. The terms such as “Made to order” and “Made to measure” are used too. All the terms signify something which is the opposite of ready to wear.

The art of making bespoke suits Melbourne dates back to the early tradition of England when royals as well as aristocrats used to commission handmade customised garments from the merchants and tailors. But, it’s alive even today. Resultantly, it has become a very trendy word which the tailors of the US and various other places use them more.

Sometimes, it may be even misused. Today, the term is used even in a broader sense. It has started being used in the factory from the stock patterns. However, a real bespoke suit comes from a corner shop. You would meet the person who would be tailoring your suit and not the sales workers.

Bespoke Suits Melbourne

There is a huge difference between the bespoke and made to measure even though some also use the terms quite interchangeably. A bespoke suit is except for long seam which is an entirely handmade garment. It is a fact which is even reflected in pricing of the suit.

Unlike the made to measure suits, the tailor who stitches bespoke suits would not use the modified base pattern since it might make him miss some of the nuances of the body of his client. That is why he would take the measurements of the things like the arch of client’s back or slope of the client’s shoulders, etc. The blueprint of his suit which is an individual pattern is made as well as stored for every individual wearer.

Multiple fittings

Multiple fittings or the try-on would be needed for making sure that the tailored shirts Melbourne fit perfectly. There would be at least 3 fittings at various stages of the tailoring of the shirt. First, is when the skeleton base is prepared, then forward fitting, and then finally fin bar fitting.

Tailored Suits Melbourne

With the made to measure firm, there would usually be no fitting during the process of creation. It’s only the initial fitting for taking the measurements and final fitting once it’s finished.

The bespoke suits are best which you can make. There are absolutely no limitations to customise them.


The Tailor Made Suits Melbourne has been in vogue since times immemorial. The royals, aristocrats, and other important men prefer their suits and shirts to be custom made. So these suits and shirts are made to order for the person ordering them. You may also try them once. Once you will start wearing made to order shirts, you would not really like the readymade shirts.

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