Why Do Businesses Use Date Stamps?

Why Do Businesses Use Date Stamps?

The Date Stamps equipment is now considered to be the part of most of the companies. The data stamps equipment offer important information to the companies and firms.With these stamp equipment, you can automatically imprint the name and date on the document. The function of the equipment us very easy, all you need to do is insert the documents in the stamp equipment wherein split second stamping is triggered. Most of the stamp equipment not justimprints the date, time and other information which might be required such as received and paid may be printed.
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What does date stamp equipment offer?

The date stamping equipment offers space saving, and compact footprint of the date. Most of this equipment has open throat style which accommodates good accessibility for the documents of different size. Sometimes, there could be a need of stamp dates on different carbon as well as carbonless forms.

Thus, there is an adjustable- stamp pressure for catering to this type of printing. In case you need have time display on date stamps equipment, it may be bought at extra cost. Similarly, removable upper dying latest on the stamps are available at additional costs.

How do date stamp equipment help?

  • The date stamping tools and equipment help in eliminating hand stamps of all incoming mails, paid invoices, contracts, bids from companies, etc. This is why a number of federal, county, state and the city govt. offices turn to the date stamping equipment for legalised control of documents and validation for multiple printing of the date on documents. It may imprint date for about 1000 times in a day. Moreover, as the Daters are meant for heavy use, it may print on different surfaces such as heavy cards stock, onion skin papers, multiple copy form, etc.
  • Manual date stamps are sufficient to mark the date in months and years. However, employing manual stamps to mark the date in days, months, minutes and hours is problematic. Further, manual stamps need rotation of the bands and pre checking of positioned date on the waste paper.
  • The electronic stamps comprise of electrical control units, date stamps and interface connector. The stamps come with the choice of 5 minute, hour, day, month and year of intervals.
  • These stamps are mainly connected with the interface connector that in turn connects to an electrical controlling unit which enables programming of date stamps. The electrical date stamp may even be networked with the production machine to facilitate efficient monitoring.
  • Electrical date stamp is also quite useful in the automated production environment where the products have to be marked to get traced. Electrical date stamp may be incorporated with in production environment to automated marking without actually stopping the whole process.


Date stamps are quite useful for the businesses. With the help of these stamps you can easily mark the date and time on your documents. Because of these stamps you don’t have to stamp the documents manually.

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