Why should You Have Water Filters Adelaide in Your House?

Why should You Have Water Filters Adelaide in Your House?

There are 3 main types of Water Filters. Filter housings, Media tanks, Reverse osmosis system. Let’s discuss over them in details and see what they are and how they help and benefits;

  1. Filter housing

Filter housing is placed inline to the primary water feed of the house. A plumber or a house builder places a loop in the backyard or the garage where you would be able to place the filter housing in series for capturing the contaminants right before the water enters your house.

The benefits of having the housing installed are that you would be able to place useful Water Filters. There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind while choosing a filter like contaminant type and water flow.

Any filter may be installed in the cartridges. Using filter housings are quite useful for water issues. Sediment Water Filters are quite popular as they capture silt, dirt and sand. Second to the sediment filter is Granular Activated Carbon or GAC.


The GAC filter removes the chlorine from the water and the smelly organics from water homes. Generally speaking if the water smells bad would help in fixing a huge portion of the issues.

  1. Media tanks

The media tanks function on similar basis as housings, but on a larger scale. These filters typically relate to the water softeners. Instead of getting the filter to alter the media tank would back flush for renewing itself. This is one of the main benefits for people who don’t want to maintain Water Filters housings.

One of the most common variant of media tank is water softener. The water softener tank is filled with the resin beads that allure themselves to the calcium particles in the pipe and don’t let them enter your house.

This helps in removing the built up in the shower heads and the appliances. The calcium build up in water is mainly responsible for over use of soap. More the amount of calcium in the water, more soap, and shampoo it would take for doing the job.

  1. Reverse osmosis

If you are a tea or coffee person, then you would know that coffee made of purified water is the experience which is found only in some of the best cafes. Having purified and reverse osmosis water is one of the best experiences.

Showering with the RO water, preparing food with the RO water, washing clothes with RO water makes a huge different in the everyday life.

Whatever Water Filters Adelaide you choose to buy, you would be happy. Filtered water is very good for the body, organs and the skin.


Good water filter Adelaide is very good for the whole human body. It helps in keeping us healthy and good looking. Try to use purified water as much as possible. Cooking well with purified water, consuming purified water should be a regular thing for you. You would realise that you are keeping away from a lot of diseases while using purified water in your day to day life.