5 Tips On Throwing a Killer Party Like Millionaire

5 Tips On Throwing a Killer Party Like Millionaire

Parties are obviously fun and people love to get in contact with each other while enjoying a glass of vodka. Well, it’s cool to chill out in anyone’s party but what will happen if you are going to throw a party? There may be many considerations starting from function rooms Perth, watching catering services, parking services, and many other considerations that need party owner’s sharp attention.

Whenever you book any function venues Perth for your occasion you have to make sure whether it can be suitable for your guest size or not. You don’t just throw a party and it turns out great. Although, there are many things to think about because the one thing you don’t want to do is disappoint your guests. So, whether you believe or not, the way you treat your guests will showcase your reputation so you have to be careful while delivering the services. Read on!

  • Get a good host

A good host is an important element who can add fun to a great party. If you are considering having a host for your house party then select someone who has a friendly personality. An individual who is charming and can keep the crowd entertained. Some people also go for a Disc Jockey as their party host but it depends on the occasion of course. This is also a great idea that you can use when you are throwing your house party.

  • Games are fun

Create an atmosphere that the guest can play games and enjoy themselves. You can think of creative games that you can play with the guest. Also, you can go traditionally and plan traditional card games that are too predictable. Consider other games such as Minute to win it or puzzle games or mystery games. There are various editions of this game that involve cups.

  • Serve mouth-watering food

Yummy food counters are my favourite! Serve delicious food at your party. The food should be tasty and enjoyable. You can plan a chips counter as appetizers. Go for something that most of the people like. Try to serve finger food as much as possible. If you want to include alcohol make sure that people who drink are over the legal age. And you can keep cold drinks for everyone as a beverage.

  • Be ready with a good playlist

A party without music is just not possible. Play a different genre of music or you can plan a theme party. Start off with hip-hop and R&B and then play some rock music. Maybe your guest will like rap music as well. Consider different music to suit every age and of course the occasion.

  • Date & time can impact a day

Select a date and time that will be convenient for everyone. Choose Saturday or Sunday because it is on the weekend and during the week your guests may have school and work. Selecting a date is very important. The time should be appropriate for everyone so that they can attend the party.


I hope you’ll get a proper idea about throwing a party and booking function rooms Perththrough this guide. Thank! Share the guide as much as you can!