Different types of wraps that is available

Different types of wraps that is available

Are you planning to buy pallet wrapping machine to wrap the loads and products that are stuffed on the pallets rigidly while transportation? Then, you need to choose Pallet Shrink Wrap or shrink wrappers. These are the best wrapping types used to safely and neatly wrap the products while shipping.


There are two types of wraps

  1. Shrink wrap: This is the plastic made wrapper that is wrapped around the items stuffed on the pallets irrespective of their shape and size. After wrapping around the loads, heat is applied to the wrapper to allow it to shrink. When the wrapper shrinks, the wrapper gets stuck to the items. Basically, a handheld heat gun is used to apply heat to these shrink wrappers. The benefits one can reap by using the sturdy Pallet Shrink Wrap include;
  • Give high protection: When heat is applied to the wrappers, it gets shrunk and stick to the items tightly. This seal will protect the items inside from dust, grime and other environmental pollutants. Few of the shrink wraps that are available in the market also protect the items from the harmful rays emitted by the sun.
  • Highly durable: This wrap material is durable and strong. No one can tear and steal the materials after the pallet is wrapped. The best part of this wrapper is that, it does not shrink or gets brittle when is exposed to the sun and other weather conditions. Once the wrap is heated, then it does not get loose or sag while transporting.
  • Tampering: As this wrapper gets stuck to the items tightly that any tampering made in the process of shipping would be easy to notice. Many pharmaceutical industries are showing interest in using this wrapper to wrap their products over the other wrapping types. Few of the shrink wrap that is used by the banks can notice the colour change when someone touches the sealed items
  • Inexpensive: Over the other packaging material, this material is cost-effective and occupies less space. It keeps the items together without stretching. Moreover, the industries do not need to use carton boxes to store the items after it is wrapped with this wrap, thus saving money.
  1. Stretch wrapper: This is the popular wrapping method that is being used by many industries to wrap the product rigidly. Few of the benefits one can reap by using this durable Stretch Wrap include
  • Gives protection: These are highly secure and are widely used while shipping to products to longer distances to avoid breakage of the equipment or products. Moreover, the UV film wrappers will protect the products from UV rays. In addition, this wrap will keep the products away from dust and grime. This wrap is not transparent, thus keeping the items safe from theft.
  • Efficient: This quickly lets the workers to improve productivity by letting them wrap the products easily. And, it can be used to wrap different pallet load types.


No matter whether you want to seal appliances, medicines or food products, you need to use shrink or sturdy Stretch Wrap. These will protect the items from dust, grime and ensure that they are safely transported without any damage.

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