What is the Use of Masking Tape?

What is the Use of Masking Tape?

Packing is the art of covering up products or items for storing, distribution, transporting. It’s one kind of designing process that protects your products or items.  Packing tape is used for packing the large volume of quantity for sealing the product or item.

There are various methods for using packaging tape waterproofing, marking, sealing, and protection from damage.

Different types of packing/ packaging tape:

  • Adhesive tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Masking tape
  • Duct tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Insulation or electrical tape

Different use of packing tape:

  • Carton sealing tape: it is used for the packing of environment products that suits to the application.
  • Printed tape: this type of tape is used for defining the company logo, any customer cha have their own design as for their need.
  • Gummed tape: this tape is used as the water activated the adhesive system and can easily control a large amount of volume for the product.
  • Label protection tape: this label protection tape is used to cover and protect labels. It is used for covering and holding package list some of the important labels.

Masking tape is also known by another name of printer tapes. This masking tape is good for creating interior trim and corners when painting on canvas or an accent wall. This help to get the correct trick of tight seal work with the product to be press all around the edges for paints.

Advantages of masking taps:

  • Price
  • Leaves clear lines
  • Easily available in numbers of store
  • It comes off of glass cleaning with the great option for painting window frames.
  • Can have the good painting on canvas.

High temp masking includes:

  • Crepe paper tapes
  • Polyimide brown tapes
  • Polyester green tapes.

Step to use masking tape:

  • Take clean canvas paperboard, and with the help of masking tape make a design.
  • After that apply the colour as on your wish.
  • At all complete panting, make an act of removing the tape slowly and safely.
  • You can get your masking tape ready with wonderful art.

Cloth tap is made up of cloth backing to make it long lasting usable and flexible, this tape can be used in various kinds like as bandages, plumbing task, sealing walls, electrical wiring and can be used in day to day life. Cloth tapes come with the pressure sensor for using it in special purpose for holding things together.

The advantage of taps:

  • Easily use to lighter tinner material
  • Create a bond for dissimilar products.
  • Work as moisture seal from the environment
  • It provides strength that can create the bond of bolts, rivets and many mechanical for fast packing.
  • It provides vibration on noise reduction.
  • Contain thickness uniform.


Packing tape is one kind of protective cover for any type of product or item it needs. Masking tape comes in a number of varieties for making mask purpose, it can be used as power coating for regular use for the industrial purpose.

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