Why Do People Opt For Pallet Strapping?

Why Do People Opt For Pallet Strapping?

One of the most commonly employed strategies for packaging is called Pallet Strapping or bundling. This process is conducted generally by applying the strap to the item such as a palette or box for holding, combing, fastening and reinforcing stability. It even helps in protecting the shipping of goods from one place another.

It does not let the items move while they are in transit. The strap is flat but quite flexible and is most commonly made of plastics. On the basis of the type of products and items, strapping would be applied and there are different benefits for using different materials as straps.

Paper straps are used for securing the paper products between the industrial processes. The strong material which is used for this process is steel. It’s one of the oldest material and methods known. Steel is usually best for extreme duty such as the construction industry. The strap which is made of steel is coated most of the times and it has got a surface finish of the paint or wax for evening out tension around objects which require strapping.

Pallet Strapping

Materials used for strapping

The most common one is the plastic strap which is available mostly in the polymer and polypropylene variants. It’s used mostly for strapping palette and often has embossed or a printed message such as the company logo and is best for light to mid-duty. It provides good elongation at the break; however material often tends to get dead stretch under the extended stress that is beyond repairs.

Polyester is most commonly employed when you have a near steel strength as it’s the strongest plastic characteristic. During cold climate, Metal Strapping in hot melting glue is best to support for the purpose of transportation. It is considered to be weatherproof. Polyester helps in showing a better strength and doesn’t lead to material fatigue as compared to strapping with the polypropylene-based strapping.

Best and the strongest material is nylon but it’s quite expensive and it’s been replaced by polyester with time. It’s used mostly when the material is stored constantly in cold climates since it deals with the ongoing cold temperature.

Pallet Strapping

Polyester Strapping material is used in a number of ways- after strap has been tensioned it sealed with melted plastic and hot knife. Thick plastic employs systems where plastic is pressed along with pure heating and it actually forces the materials to be joined through friction with the teething tools.

Steel strapping is sealed with the help of joints and seal, crimps through welding.

Strapping is very useful for transporting goods from one place to another. It keeps them intact while in transit and that’s why businesses employ them.


There are different types of strapping like plastic strapping, Polyester Strapping, etc. Depending on what needs to be packaged and transported, you may choose the type of material used for strapping. But using it would help you in transporting your goods safely from one place to another.